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Campaigns Cash Friendly

Cash Friendly pledge

Cash is essential for millions of people in the UK.
But bank branch and ATM closures are making using cash harder.
And many have struggled to pay with cash during the Covid19 pandemic.
We’re encouraging businesses to continue accepting cash.
That’s why we’ve launched the Which? Cash Friendly Pledge.
Wherever you see the logo, you’ll know they accept cash.


The way people are paying for things is changing. Online banking, card and mobile payments have reduced the need for cash.

But cash continues to be a crucial payment method for millions of people.

Around 10 million consumers are unready or unable to give it up, while over 2.5 million are reliant on it for every transaction, our research has found.

That’s why we’ve been campaigning for two years to protect the UK’s cash infrastructure for consumers who need it.


–Total number of retailers
signed-up so far

But since the outbreak of the Covid19 pandemic, one in three people have reported problems with cash acceptance – including when buying essentials such as food and groceries.

This situation can’t be allowed to continue. That’s why we’ve launched the Which? Cash Friendly Pledge.

We’re encouraging businesses to sign-up to the pledge, promising they’ll accept cash as a payment method for consumers who want to keep using it.

Are you a business ready to do the right thing for consumers? Sign-up to the Which? Cash Friendly Pledge by completing our online form:

Take the Cash Pledge


The pandemic has dramatically accelerated the decline of cash usage, but many consumers still rely on it. Our Cash Friendly Pledge will help reassure them they won’t be left behind as we make the transition to digital payments.

– Anabel Hoult, Which? Chief Executive

Participating retailers

The following major retailers have signed-up to the Cash Friendly Pledge:

See here for the full list of participating retailers.

Latest news

The latest updates on cash acceptance from Which?:

Supporting organisations


Bank of England
“By signing up to this pledge, businesses are helping to ensure that everyone in the UK is able to use the form of payment that best meets their needs.” – Chief Cashier Sarah John

British Retail Consortium
“Retailers continue to face rising costs from banks to use basic cash services and the BRC calls on the Government to intervene to safeguard millions of consumers and businesses who rely on cash.”

Association of Convenience Stores
“Convenience retailers trade at the heart of communities offering customers access to cash and recognise cash remains a vital payment method for millions of customers.”