Compensation when broadband goes wrong

Ofcom is proposing to require providers to pay automatic compensation to customers who suffer from poor service.

Customers would be entitled to automatic compensation whenever:

  • their landline or broadband is not fixed quickly enough after it has stopped working
  • their new landline or broadband service is not up and running on the day promised
  • an engineer doesn’t arrive for an appointment as scheduled.

Chart detailing the compensation Ofcom proposes for Broadband issues

Ofcom estimates that the plans would mean up to 2.6 million additional landline and broadband customers could receive up to £185m in new compensation payments each year

Alex Neill, Which? Managing Director of Home Services said: ‘Broadband has become a modern day essential, so it is only right that consumers should get compensation when their provider fails to deliver.

‘Ofcom now needs to swiftly push ahead with these proposals and ensure that this and other measures help to significantly improve the service that broadband customers receive.’

Compensation payments would be set by Ofcom and designed to reflect the degree of harm suffered by customers.