Broadband giants failing customers

Our latest broadband customer satisfaction survey has found the UK’s largest providers are still failing on basic customer service, speed and reliability.

The four biggest providers (Talk Talk, BT, Sky and EE), who together have a 72% market share, were among the worst performing ISPs. Frequent price hikes, connection drop outs, unreliable speeds and woeful levels of service when trying to contact providers all contributed to the low scores.

Our CEO Peter Vicary-Smith said:

‘Reliable and fast broadband is vital for anyone who wants to play a full role in our society. Whether it’s applying for a job, shopping online, doing online banking, or running your own business, you need a trustworthy internet connection.

‘It’s because so many of your daily experiences differ so widely from the superfast paradise promised by broadband providers that we have launched our
Fix Bad Broadband campaign.’

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You can read Peter’s full article and have your say on
Which? Conversation.