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Campaigns Stop nuisance calls in Scotland

Sign to help stop nuisance calls

29,367 have signed

Call on the Scottish Government to cut off cold calls

Three quarters of Scots are discouraged from picking up their phone due to the scourge of nuisance calls. We’re calling on the Scottish Government to lead the way in a fight against this every day menace, and on Scottish businesses to make senior executives responsible if their firms make unlawful calls.

A shocking nine in ten Scots have had nuisance calls to their landline in the last month. That’s why we need your support to convince the Scottish Government to publish an action plan on how it will cut off nuisance calls. This should include:

  • Cracking down on businesses breaking the rules and holding senior executives to account.

  • Helping vulnerable people to cut the number of nuisance calls they receive.

  • Ensuring that new Scottish Government policy doesn’t lead to more nuisance calls.

Sign our petition to call time on nuisance calls in Scotland once and for all.

Visit us during nuisance calls awareness week

Learn more about nuisance calls and what you can do to prevent them direct from our experts. Visit us here:

Glasgow, Monday 11 September

  • 7am-7pm, Glasgow Central Station, Gordon St, Glasgow, G1 3SL

Aberdeen, Thursday 14 September

  • 7am-7pm, Aberdeen Station, 29 First Level Mall, Aberdeen, AB11 5RG

We look forward to seeing you in person!

If you’re unable to visit us you can still download our free guide with advice on how to avoid and report nuisance calls to share with your friends and family.

Margit’s nuisance ordeal

“I’m a widow running a small Post Office on a remote Scottish community of 60 people. I get nuisance calls daily, once as many as 30. One so-called ‘energy supplier’ told me my contract was running out and I would be cut off if I didn’t sign a new one with him. Nuisance calls target vulnerable people and frighten them into doing something they would never do otherwise. I’m afraid to answer the phone at all now.”


Six tips to stop nuisance calls

1. Register your number with the Telephone Preference Service (TPS) for free

2. Don’t consent to be contacted by third parties

3. Consider using call blocking technology

4. Report a nuisance call or text using our free tool below

5. Go ex-directory and make it harder for you to be contacted

6. If nuisance calls persist, contact your phone company

Report your nuisance calls

Report a call or text using our free tool and it could be the most expensive call the perpetrator’s ever made – your action could result in the company paying a £500,000 fine.

Jot down the company’s name, number they called from, date and time of call – then click through to use our reporting tool.