Calling time on nuisance calls in Scotland

With nine in ten people in Scotland plagued by nuisance calls, we now want the Scottish Government to take action.

Our UK-wide campaign to call time on nuisance calls has achieved a number of successes, but we’ve now set our sights on Scotland.

A staggering nine in ten of the Scots we surveyed have had a nuisance call in the last month, and like me, 75% say they are now discouraged from picking the phone up when it rings.

‘I have to screen every call’

Supporters like Alan and Julie, from East Lothian, shouldn’t have to put up with these calls. Alan told us:

‘I have an extremely disabled wife who has numerous health or social work calls. These numbers are withheld – to repeatedly get other unsolicited withheld calls is not only very annoying but can also stop an actual call getting through. It has now got to the stage where I have to screen every call.’

Action from Scottish Government

We’ve been asking the UK Government to do more to tackle this problem, but given this is such an acute issue in Scotland too, we think the Scottish Government should also play their part.

We’re calling on the Scottish Government for an action plan, setting out how it will work with businesses (such as SSE, who are backing our campaign) and regulators to call time on nuisance calls.

If you back us, then please sign our petition.