We’re off to Scottish Parliament

We took our nuisance calls campaign to the Scottish Parliament, where we talked to MSPs about the problem and shared your concerns.

Our survey clearly shows that people want action from the Scottish Government on nuisance calls – 85% said they wanted this, with a similar level (87%) wanting action on a UK level. With a clear mandate for action, today was a good day to take your calls to the Scottish Parliament.

A heated debate

The Members of the Scottish Parliament (MSPs) told us about their packed mailbags full up with frustration about nuisance calls, their concern that the problem seemed to be growing and their annoyance with the slow rate of progress. Many MSPs also recounted stories of how their own phone lines get clogged up with automated nuisance calls.

The host of today’s event, Graeme Dey MSP, from Angus South told us:

‘My support for this campaign stems both from personal experience of the menace that is nuisance calls and the impact these have on constituents. In my opinion the situation is getting worse rather than better.

‘Some of the perpetrators of these calls are becoming increasingly aggressive in their approach. Something has to be done. That will require cross governmental co-operation between Scotland and the UK and indeed involving the wider EU.’

Time for action

While you told us that it’s time for government action, our research also showed some interesting findings towards businesses who break the rules. Nine in ten people want to see the director of a company held personally accountable and fined if the company makes calls without the necessary permission.

Scottish energy company SSE have already publicly committed to tackling nuisance calls, but we need more businesses to step forward. The Scottish Government already has a Scottish Business Pledge, bringing together businesses that practice good conduct, so why not similar for nuisance calls?

To date the Scottish Government hasn’t formally responded to our campaign or pledged publicly to tackle the problem, but have assured us that it’s looking into whether there is a role for the Scottish Government in addressing this growing problem. We can only hope that this pursuit has a sense of immediacy to it, if you agree that more needs to be done then sign our petition today.