More than 30 nuisance calls a month

New research reveals some people in Scotland receive on average 42% more nuisance calls a month than others in the rest of the UK.

We’ve been working with trueCall to analyse landline calls in the UK going back to January 2013.

Over the last three years, trueCall customers in Scotland received an average of 37 unwanted calls a month, compared to 26 for customers across the UK.

Our director of campaigns and policy Alex Neill said:

‘Millions of people are still being bombarded with nuisance calls and consumers are sick and tired of this daily intrusion. While there have been steps in the right direction, this research highlights that more must be done to tackle this menace.’

Vulnerable customers targeted

We also looked at calls made to people who own a specialist trueCall device designed for older, more vulnerable people.

Worryingly, these people got far more nuisance calls – an average of 45 calls a month in Scotland. A quarter received more than 60 calls a month… two calls every day!

It’s pretty clear from our figures that companies are deliberately targeting older, vulnerable people, often calling them again and again and again.

Action from Scottish Government

Alex Neill added:

‘With consumers in Scotland more badly affected than those in the rest of the UK, the Scottish Government must use their new consumer powers to act quickly to bring about meaningful change that will help reduce the volume of nuisance calls people receive.’

Join our call for the Scottish Government to act and help tackle this everyday modern menace – sign our petition today.