Scottish Government hosts nuisance calls summit

The new Scottish Government is today hosting its first nuisance calls summit, held in response to our ‘Stop Nuisance Calls in Scotland’ campaign.

Held in Edinburgh today, the Scottish Government’s summit will bring together industry bodies and consumer groups to propose next steps for tackling nuisance calls. Our director of policy and campaigns, Alex Neill, will be attending along with Keith Brown, Cabinet Secretary for Economy, Jobs and Fair Work.

Alex Neill said:

‘This summit is a major opportunity for businesses, regulators and the Scottish Government to make a difference by jointly committing to take action against this everyday menace.’

Keith Brown MSP said:

‘Nuisance calls are simply unacceptable and the Scottish Government takes this issue extremely seriously. We will use our new consumer powers as a catalyst to protect Scots from the blight of these unwelcome calls.

‘The summit is a key way to guide our work and brings together experts from regulators, consumer groups and industry who will work together to find practical ways of empowering and protecting consumers, as well as supporting businesses to be models of best practice.’

Scots get most nuisance calls in UK

Our latest research has discovered that Scots are bombarded by more nuisance calls each month than those in the rest of the UK. A third of people in Scotland say they’ve received 11 or more nuisance calls in the last month, compared to nearly a fifth of people in the rest of the UK.

And these calls can be much more than a nuisance, as Marian from Edinburgh explains:

‘They tormented my mother in the months before she died, isolating her from the family because she developed the habit of switching off the phone to escape them. I found myself repeating this behaviour during a deep depression, as I panicked at phone calls.’

Just like Marian, more than 25,000 people have signed our petition calling on the Scottish Government to take action on nuisance calls since it was launched in December 2015.

We want the Scottish Government to publish an action plan to tackle this menace, including a commitment to put pressure on Scottish businesses to make senior executives personally accountable if their companies breach the law on nuisance calls. This is backed by more than eight in ten Scots. If you back it too, please sign our petition to help stop nuisance calls in Scotland.