Dangerous toy slimes warning

We issued a warning to parents after nearly half the popular children’s slimes we tested failed safety standards for toys.

We tested 13 toy slimes and putties from a range of high-street and online retailers including Amazon, eBay, Etsy, Argos and Hamleys and over 40% failed EU safety standard for toys (EN 71-3).

The EU safety standard specifies that toy slimes must have boron levels that fall below 300mg/kg and toy putties must have boron levels that fall below 1,200mg/kg. Exposure to excessive levels of boron could cause irritation, diarrhoea and vomiting in the short term, and may impair fertility and cause harm to unborn children in pregnant women.

Nikki Stopford, director of research and publishing at Which?, said:

‘Slime will feature in many kids’ letters to Santa this Christmas, however we’ve found more worrying evidence that children could be put at risk by these toys.

‘Parents should have confidence that the products that they buy for their children will be safe, but our latest investigation has uncovered harmful products being sold even by big retailers.

‘Again, we’re calling on manufacturers to stop making unsafe products, and for the government and retailers to step up and do a much better job of ensuring only safe products get into people’s homes and into the hands of children.’

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