MPs call for action on product safety system

In a report published today by the Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy select committee, MPs have warned of flaws in the product safety system and called on Whirlpool to take action on the one million fire-risk dryers still in people’s homes.

The select committee has condemned ‘Whirlpool’s inadequate response’ to the fire-risk dryer issue and highlighted that after more than two years since the issue first appeared in the news, there are still one million potentially dangerous dryers in the UK. The report also notes that the government has been ‘painfully slow’ to improve the product safety system.

The report recommends:

  • Whirlpool must explain how it will deal with the remaining defective and potentially dangerous machines with a resolution for all customers within two weeks of contacting the company.
  • Manufacturers should make available risk assessments as soon as any defects are identified.
    Progress on improving safety is ‘painfully slow’—the Government must publish a full response to the 2016
  • Faulds Wood Review on the UK’s system for the recall of unsafe products by the end of February 2018 at the latest.
  • The Government should actively explore the establishment of a single national product safety agency.
  • Manufacturers of plastic backed fridge freezers should act to use safer materials, based on the number of fires associated with them.

Our Managing Director of Home Products and Services, Alex Neill, said:

‘Despite hundreds of reported fires and numerous reviews, the UK’s product safety system is still broken and potentially threatening the lives of millions of consumers.

‘We have already seen the tragic consequences of companies behaving badly and delays to improving the system. The Government must no longer allow these dangerous products to remain in people’s homes and must bring in immediate reforms.’

The committee has called for the Government to respond to its report by the end of February.