New Office of Product Safety and Standards report ‘falls short’

The Office of Product Safety and Standards (OPSS) has just published its new strategy, which aims to streamline the process of identifying and dealing with potentially dangerous products.

We wrote to government ministers back in February demanding a detailed action plan for the newly-formed OPSS.

The OPSS will assess the severity of safety incidents and whether or not those cases should be dealt with by the government group or require a multi-agency response.

This is a big win for our campaign, as the OPSS delivers on our call for an action plan and looks to address our concerns around capacity, capability, surveillance and enforcement. But we still have concerns over whether this will be implemented effectively to get unsafe products out of people’s homes.

Alex Neill, our managing director of home products and services, said:

‘This long-awaited strategy attempts to address key problems in the current safety system. However, it falls short of providing reassurance that it will effectively investigate serious safety issues that are raised about unsafe products, and then actively work to remove them from people’s homes before they cause harm.

‘Up to a million fire-risk Whirlpool-group tumble dryers are still in circulation. If this strategy is to be judged a success, the government should now order a full recall of the affected machines and make this an independent body with real teeth.’

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