VW and Seat continue to sell thousands of cars with potentially lethal fault

Despite confirming a possibly fatal seat belt fault in May this year, Volkswagen and Seat continue to sell thousands of affected cars – without a permanent fix in place.

Earlier this year, independent tests by Finnish magazine Tekniikan Maailma found that when all three rear seat belts are in use and an affected car is driven at speed, the back-left seat belt could come undone, leaving a passenger in that position unsecured.

After confirming the seat belt fault, the Volkswagen Group recalled around 12,000 new VW Polos and thousands more new Seat Ibizas and Seat Aronas.

Despite the recall, we’ve discovered that affected cars continue to be sold in large numbers with the same fault. The number of cars affected in the UK has increased to 35,263 VW Polos and 28,639 Seats (Ibiza and Arona combined).

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