Win! Whirlpool must change safety advice

Following the threat of legal action, we’ve successfully forced Peterborough Trading Standards to take enforcement action against Whirlpool.​

Whirlpool has now changed safety advice for its fire-risk dryers to tell customers to unplug and stop using the machines until they are repaired.

Our Managing Director of Home and Legal Services, Alex Neill, said:​

‘Following our long running campaign and our recent application for judicial review, Peterborough Trading Standards has finally taken enforcement action against Whirlpool for the ongoing tumble dryer safety issue. However, we now believe that a full recall is necessary.

‘Fundamentally, we now believe a full recall is necessary and the Government must urgently address the issues with the product safety system as it shouldn’t require the threat of judicial review to ensure that consumers are protected from dangerous products.

‘Despite updating the safety notice on its websites, Whirlpool still needs to do a lot more. Our advice is to go straight to Whirlpool to demand your machine is fixed, but also try speaking to the retailer you bought it from.’

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