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Police fighting losing battle against fraud, report warns

The police aren’t doing nearly enough to defend the public from fraudsters, a new report from the police watchdog has found.

The watchdog that oversees the performance of the police, HM Inspectorate of Constabulary and Fire & Rescue Services, found that fraud is often deprioritised against other crimes.

On top of this, many forces don’t have enough resources to adequately investigate fraud, the watchdog warned.

They found that one police force simply filed away the overwhelming majority of cases without further investigation.

The report’s shocking findings come in the midst of a fraud epidemic: around 3.3 million incidents were reported in the past year, and the estimated cost of fraud is in the billions.

Our own research suggests that 96% of reported fraud cases go unsolved.

It’s clear that the police are struggling to pull together the will and resource to tackle this emerging threat. And they claim there is no strategic leadership from government to help them in their fight against fraud.

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