💡Research: one in six targeted by social media scam ads

One in six people in our survey said they’ve been targeted by a scam on social media, while about half had seen or been targeted by scams via email, text or on the phone.

Which? is calling on Nadine Dorries, Secretary of State (DCMS), and the government to include paid-for advertising in the Online Safety Bill to help tackle an epidemic of scams gripping society.

Our research found a growing dissatisfaction among the general public with the way the government and tech companies are responding to online scams.

Only 20% of the 2,119 people we surveyed said they felt protected from scam ads.

Under half (39%) thought the government were doing enough to protect them from scams.

While only 29% thought online marketplaces – and 33% thought email providers – were doing enough to protect them.

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