⚠️ Safety alert: ‘killer’ child car seats

We’ve warned parents over illegal and potentially dangerous child car seats being sold on online marketplaces.

Our investigation found dangerous car seats, which are made of fabric and offer almost no protection in the event of a car crash, selling for as little as £8 on websites such as eBay, Amazon and AliExpress.

Many of the car seats we found for sale online are described in listings as being suitable for young children from newborn up to five years old, but the seats quite clearly lack the kind of support needed to protect young babies and toddlers in the event of a collision.

The last time Which? investigated the problem, it contacted eBay who removed the car seats from sale. However, as there are multiple sellers all selling similar types of car seat many more have since sprung up.

The danger was highlighted in 2014 after Surrey Trading Standards and manufacturer Britax carried out a crash test which resulted in a fabric seat falling to pieces in a 30mph crash.

Alarmingly, the crash test dummy which represented a three-year-old child was flung through the windscreen when the straps securing the seat failed.

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