Rail fare hike on the horizon

Passengers will see yet another price hike in January 2018 as fares will rise by 3.6%.

This fare hike will see the highest rise in five years. Train companies are permitted to raise regulated fares by as much as the Retail Prices Index (RPI) is recorded for in July.

Fair fares

The Office of National Statistics records the inflation data and reports on both the RPI and the Consumer Price Index (CPI). The RPI was recorded at 3.6%, whereas the CPI was at a more modest 2.6% in July.

While there are no rises planned for Northern Ireland, this price rise will see ‘anytime’, some off-peak fares and season tickets in England and Wales rise. Scotland’s peak fares will also be affected, but off-peak fares will rise by a smaller amount as Scotland limits the rise to RPI minus 1%.

Passenger pain

Today’s news will be disappointing for those who’ve backed our campaign for better rail services, adding to the feeling of paying yet more money for the same poor service.

Our Managing Director of Public Markets, Alex Hayman, said:

‘This price hike will be a kick in the teeth for the majority of passengers who already feel they aren’t getting value for money for their train services. Commuters are forking out more and more money for their tickets but are still struggling with delays, overcrowding and dirty carriages on a daily basis.

‘The government has promised to put passengers first. So it must make sure that the new rail ombudsman delivers a step change in how passenger complaints are tackled.’

If you agree that passengers should be prioritised then join our campaign to demand better rail services.