Peter Vicary-Smith writes to The Times about Ryanair

Which? CEO Peter Vicary-Smith has written a letter to The Times regarding Ryanair’s flight cancellations that have affected almost three quarters of a million people.

Read the letter in full below:


At the end of another week in which Ryanair has lurched from crisis to catastrophe, it’s hard to ignore the utter disregard in which the company appears to hold its greatest asset: its customers.

Almost three quarters of a million passengers have had their flights cancelled, their right to rebook with another carrier arbitrarily constrained and their compensation entitlement hidden. The airline has played so fast and loose with consumer rights and regulations that the CAA had to step in and point out that they were breaking the law.

Ryanair cannot be a law unto itself: its customers have rights, and Ryanair has a legal, moral and reputational responsibility to do the right thing by the people who make it profitable.

Michael O’Leary must not take customers for granted again: if he does, he should be prepared to face the consequences.

Peter Vicary-Smith
Chief Executive