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Our campaign wins

These are just some of our recent campaign achievements for UK consumers

Won 2021

Pensions dashboard

A new all-in-one pensions dashboard, where you’ll able to keep track of all your pensions in one place, will soon launch. We campaigned for seven years for the changes that will make monitoring your retirement pot much simpler.

Won 2019

Nuisance calls and texts

With half a million supporters behind us, we forced the government to introduce big fines for nuisance calls bosses, and worked with the industry to push for better technological and regulatory protections for everyone.

Won 2017

Broadband speed guaranteed

Our campaign secured auto-compensation for poor broadband and a crackdown on misleading ads that promised speeds far beyond the reality most customers experienced.

A campaigning history

Which? was created in 1957 to empower and inform consumers. Our founders wanted to make the average shopper in the street just as powerful as the companies they bought their goods and services from –  and we’ve been fighting your corner ever since.

Again and again, we’ve achieved major campaigning victories, changing the direction of governments and industries.

From lead-free paint in children’s toys in the ’60s to seat belts in cars in the ’80s, our campaigning has been leading the fight for consumer protection for sixty years.

Whether we’re exposing dangerous products, enforcing hygiene and safety standards or intervening to fix broken markets and reduce costs, our collective vigilance ensures that people are protected and empowered.


Buoyed by a big increase in membership, Which? moved to investigate and tackle some wide ranging issues that hadn’t been challenged before.

Toy solider on orange background


Following our investigations and warnings, the government bans toxic lead paint from children’s toys and introduces new rules to make electric blankets safer.

Mother and baby in car without seatbelts


We carried out our first full test of child car seats in 1967. Since then, we’ve maintained our position as the only UK organisation carrying out extensive crash safety tests of child car seats.


The 70s was the decade when we began to take a much more active campaigning role. We campaigned strongly for law changes and over this decade important new rights for consumers came in.

Geoffrey Howe, Baron Howe of Aberavon, Minister of State for Trade and Consumer Affairs


The government creates a new Minister for Consumer Affairs post, after extensive campaigning from us – Geoffrey Howe is the first to take on the role.

The Houses of Parliament in the mid-twentieth century


Our campaign helped persuade the government to introduce the Unfair Contract Terms Act, which put an end to many of the problems caused by small print.


The 80s was a decade of rapid technological and economic change, which brought us the first home computers and handheld mobile phone. For Which?, it was a decade of strong membership growth with some landmark victories.

Sinclair ZX81 personal computer


The Competition Act came into force, ensuring companies could no longer monopolise markets and consumers get the fairest price for goods and services.

Woman putting on seatbelt


Front seatbelts become compulsory after our long running campaigning on the issue.

The Lloyds Building in London


The government passes the Financial Services Act, after we pressure them to regulate the financial services industry.


The 90s were an era of rapid technological expansion and we were surfing the wave from the start– launching our website in 1996 (before even Google existed). But we also won victories closer to home in automotive safety and food standards.

Blue toy car on orange background


Car seatbelts in the front and back are made compulsory for any car carrying children – another important win in our product safety campaigning.

Car crash test dummies


We co-founded the European New Car Assessment Program (Euro NCAP). Hundreds of thousands of lives are claimed to have been saved since its foundation.

British dairy cows


The Independent Food Standards Agency is created in light of our demands following the BSE crisis.


The new millennium saw us building on past successes – and winning again and again on nuisance calls, debit and credit card surcharges, unarranged overdraft fees and many other campaigns.

A cashpoint number pad


We campaigned against the introduction of fees for using cash machines. The banks swiftly dropped their plans.

Gordon Brown, former Prime Minister of the United Kingdom

‘The impact of your work has been profound. Your campaigns and magazines have transformed the world in which we live, improving products and services in the public and private sectors. I know that you will use this platform to achieve even more for consumers in the future.’

–Gordon Brown, Prime Minister (2007-10)

Apple laptop computer


After years of campaigning, we secured auto-compensation for poor broadband and a crackdown on misleading ads.

Cartoon of a call centre worker


We won our campaign against nuisance calls, the government rolling out a law that can inflict fines of up to £500,000 on anyone found responsible for nuisance calls.


Pensions dashboard is launched. We campaigned for seven years for a simplified, all-in-one place, platform for consumers to keep track of their pensions.