We demand action from Scottish government on nuisance calls

Three quarters of Scots are discouraged from picking up their phone due to the scourge of nuisance calls.

Our latest survey found a shocking nine in ten people in Scotland have had nuisance calls to their landline in the last month.

We’ve been asking the UK Government to do more to tackle this problem, but given this is such an acute issue in Scotland too, we call on the Scottish Government to publish an action plan on how it will cut off nuisance calls.

Our executive director, Richard Lloyd, said:

‘With the vast majority of Scots getting nuisance calls, it is clear efforts must be re-doubled to tackle this modern menace. People are fed up with being bombarded with unwanted calls and texts that waste their time and invade their privacy.

‘The Scottish Government should lead the way by setting out how it plans to fight back against nuisance callers. Scottish businesses should make senior executives responsible if their firm makes unlawful calls.’