Killer chargers, travel adaptors and power banks rife on online marketplaces

Dozens of dangerous USB chargers, travel adapters and power banks listed for sale on AliExpress, Amazon Marketplace, eBay and Wish that could cause fires, give electrical shocks and potentially harm or even kill consumers, our new research has found.

In a new investigation, more than three quarters of the 35 products from ‘unknown brands’ – those our experts didn’t recognise – that we purchased from online marketplaces, failed our electrical safety tests. If you have one in your home, it could prove to be deadly. We found:

  • USB chargers listed on all four marketplaces that were dangerous, failed to meet the safety requirements of the Low Voltage Directive and that could give an electric shock or cause a fire.
  • USB travel adapters sold widely through online marketplaces, that failed our tests because the holes were too wide and could give users an electric shock.
  • More than half of the unbranded or unknown brand power banks we tested from online marketplaces had serious electrical safety failings, which could in the worst cases lead to fires.

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