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Call on the government to safeguard us from scams

Fraud is now at record levels, with more than five million scams costing Brits a mind-boggling £9bn each year. And while there are sensible steps we can all take to protect ourselves, an unfair burden has been placed on the public. We’re urging the government to take the lead and ensure companies safeguard us all from scams.

We’re calling on the government’s Joint Fraud Taskforce to:

  • Examine whether companies are taking enough responsibility when their customers are defrauded

  • Investigate what improvements should be made to the processes, systems and practices firms use to prevent fraud

  • Recommend, by the end of the year, how companies should better protect their customers from fraud

Don’t let the fraudsters get away with it – convince the government to confront scams head on by signing our petition.

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Five tips to spot a scam

1. Contacted out of the blue? If you’re not convinced by a caller’s identity, hang up.
2. Too good to be true? Scams often promise high returns for little financial commitment.
3. Asked to share personal details? Never share your details with someone you don’t know.
4. Pressured to respond quickly? Scammers will try to rush your decision – don’t proceed unless you’re absolutely certain your money will be safe.
5. Spelling mistakes? Scammers can use bad grammar and spelling to ensure only the most vulnerable respond to their messages.

Read more tips on how to spot a scam. And if you’ve spied one, see how to report scams.


Viv’s scam story

“I was the victim of a scammer, where they phone and say they’re from your bank. I was suspicious and refused to give the info requested, so they suggested I phone the number on the back of my card. I did this and got put through to the same person I’d been speaking to. Problem was, the call hadn’t been ended at their end so when I phoned the number on my card, I was still connected to them.”

You wouldn’t fall for a trickster… would you?

Watch more videos from magician Katherine Mills showing just how easy it is to be tricked.

Visit our scams roadshow

Our scams roadshow is travelling the country providing free advice on how to safeguard yourself from scams.

Share your stories and speak to experts at the following locations:

  • Friday 13 May – Bluewater Shopping Centre, Kent

  • Friday 20 May – St Davids Centre, Cardiff

  • Friday 3 June – Nottingham Victoria Centre, Nottingham

  • Friday 17 June – White Rose Shopping Centre, Leeds

  • Friday 8 July – Buchanan Galleries, Glasgow

We hope to see you in person!